Elias M. Elghaldy



Elias M. Elghaldy has an extensive education background. He first graduated boarding school with a international baccalaureate in New York. I then moved to Boca Raton, Florida, where I have graduated Lynn University with a major in advertising and public relations and two minors, one in social media and another in graphic design. I then proceeded in a masters degree in digital marketing and communications. Due to my education, I was able to master multiple softwares and programs that would maximize and grow my efficiency and skillset.

Due to the number of startups I have worked with and scaled, I have learned the ability to wear multiple hats. I am a very rapid learner and have a detailed eye which enables me to provide more to a company or customer I am passionate about. In addition to that, working under stressful timelines and out of the blue issues do not phase me. In addition to working with startups, I have been a integral part in multi-million dollar campaigns by industry leaders like Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and BIC during my time with Middle Eastern Communication Network. 

Due to attending international schools, moving around the world and speaking multiple languages, I have developed the ability to connect with all nationalities and to provide customers a personal relationship while taking care of any of their issues. While I was working as marketing manager in PR.Business, I would connect with up to 300 clients a month with an average of 5 star rating.

I am looking for positions that will constantly challenge me to achieve my artistic and professional growth



I just have a keen sense of what a high-quality product should be. The devil is in the details.

Born with a natural ability to lead people, manage and inspire them to meet expected goals. My experience in handling large teams  spans over 3 years.

Strategic thinking, strong analytical mindset. Decision-making. Choosing and setting goals, monitoring their implementation. Problem-solving and seeking out technical solutions.

I believe that responsibility and preciseness are very important for any business. That's why I always implement timely agreements and meet deadlines.

I really appreciate my friends and teammates. I believe that the mutual habit of acting in the interests of the team always leads to the growth of each individual and the team as a whole.

Finding extraordinary solutions.  I am always looking for the most effective ways forward, even if they are not seen as conventional for most people.

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I respect startups and forward-thinking people. It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends and I’m always open to interesting ideas and any kind of collaboration.

So if I can help you with something – please do not hesitate to contact me!